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Apr 17


Collaboration in the New Age of Intranets

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This article was originally published in CMSWire on April 2, 2015.

Intranets held such promise in the early days of the Internet. Then they became the butt of many a joke in the enterprise.

Q: Where does useful information go to die?
A: Our intranet.

But in the past two years we’ve seen an intranet resurgence, driven by the technology and the traction user experience has gained in the enterprise.


Mar 10


The New Age of Intranets: Publishing and Content

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This article was originally published in CMSWire on February 26, 2015.

The evolution of intranets is happening even as you read this. Last month we took a look at the role planning and corporate communications play in this New Age of Intranets. Today we’ll tackle content.

One of the great hassles with intranets is managing and updating content. It can kill what is an otherwise successful intranet. During the planning phase, clients will propose dozens of great ideas of what types of content to be shared. The hard part comes in with obtaining that content — creating it, approving it, getting it posted — on a regular basis.


Feb 12


The New Age of Intranets: Planning & Corporate Communications

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This article was originally published in CMSWire on January 30, 2015.

When you’re in corporate communications, your job is communication first, technology second. Of course you need the right technology for your intranet (among all of the other things you do), but that technology is a means to an end. What your career is built on is the communications.

When the corp comms group owns the intranet — as is true for many enterprises — they aim to provide an intranet filled with engaging, relevant content that truly enhances the experience for employees. On an easy-to-use platform that lets the team focus on communications and not the hassles of daily updates.


Feb 10


Consumer-Style Intranet on SharePoint? Yes: Rise Foundation

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Consumer-Style Intranet on SharePoint? Yes: Rise Foundation

All of us at Blue Rooster are very proud to announce the launch of Blue Rooster Rise Foundation, a new product designed to help enterprises and their teams offer a consumer-style experience for their SharePoint-based intranet, enabling them to achieve a higher return on their SharePoint investment. See what it’s all about: